Tasty Roots – Davis Islands, Tampa


I’ve been waiting for this cute spot to open on Davis Islands ever since they put the sign on the door. I quickly googled and found their facebook page to find out they’d have quick grab and go options for all diet types. Finally, vegan within walking distance to my home! :)  I stopped by on my way home and grabbed a few things to try out.

Purple Potato Salad:

Purple Potato Salad: Tasty Roots - Davis Islands - Tampa, FL


Purple Potato Salad: Davis Islands - Tampa, FL

This was good. Very fresh, not heavy like a traditional potato salad. I appreciate the quinoa adding some protein. The fresh jalapenos add a great light kick.


Bahn Mi Bowl:

Bahn Mi Bowl: Davis Islands - Tampa, FL

Bahn Mi Bowl: Davis Islands - Tampa, FL

Okay, I got to be honest -I got way too excited when the owner showed me the “vegetarian and vegan section” and I just started grabbing. The dressing included with this dish has honey and I’m the type of vegan that chooses not to eat honey.  That said, I still enjoyed tasting this. Just like the first dish, this is very fresh and tasty. The jicama adds a crunch and the rice is cooked well. Hopefully next time I can ask for another dressing – or suggest agave :)

Fiesta Bowl:

Fiesta Bowl: Davis Islands - Tampa, FL

Fiesta Bowl: Davis Islands - Tampa, FL

I love this dish- It’s everything I want in one bowl. The sweet potatoes are not mushy, flavors are well balanced. I feel good eating this! Once again, I can’t try the dressing because honey but it didn’t really need it with cilantro and onions. :) The price is a bit steep for the amount of food but I remind myself it’s non GMO and organic.

Check it out soon, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Beauty Box Five




I’ve been a member of beautybox5.com for a few months now. I always am really excited when I see the box in my mailbox.

I’ve subscribed (and cancelled) to many other beauty boxes but this has been my favorite so far. I  l really like being introduced to brands I’m not as familiar with.

This month I received:

OFRA Lip Gloss (Apricot Dream) ($12.95)

OFRA Lip Liner (Baby Doll) ($13.00)

Nanacoco Nail Polish (Las Vegas Dream) ($3.00)

Love Life Skin Collection (Samples)

Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos ($9.00)

I love everything, and can’t wait to try lip liner for the first time. Looking forward to trying  metallic tattoos for a concert or a special night out. It’s something I’d never buy on my own but nice to receive.

Cost: $12/month.

Ships To: The lower 48 United States and Canada via the Postal Service.