I always:

  • Am extremely early to everything.
  • Like to have alone time when first getting up, once I’ve taken a hot shower, I’m okay.
  • Call Rodney before I go to sleep, hearing his voice makes me calm.
  • Put my hair up by noon, and take it down when I’m leaving work.
  • Stack up things in my online shopping carts. Everywhere, tons of stuff!
  • Pray when I hear sirens from police/fire/ambulances.

I sometimes:

  • Speak before I think about what I’m saying. It can hurt people, and get me into trouble.
  • Laugh when I’m nervous/upset. It sometimes makes people mad!
  • Turn my cell phone on silent, and read for hours.

I never:

  • Want to go to bed angry.
  • Get enough sleep! I could sleep all day!
  • Worry about the future of r&a.
  • Get tired of collecting cute paper.
  • Leave a store without buying something unexpected.

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