Gizzi’s Coffee, W 8th St

This is where I found those most amazing panini sandwich ever. It was granny smith apple, brie and grilled chicken on rosemary ciabatta bread. Oh lord, heaven. One day, we’ll meet again. They also had delicious iced tea. Oh and the server was mad cutey.*

note to self; bring camera and document all.
It took an hour via google street view to find this.
I wish I had a picture of the panini. Oh lord, YUM.

*Oh haha. I just did some more googling, and I found a little write up here. It mentions…

“The barista looked exactly like Carter Ooosterhouse, the man I want to marry, and was very flirty (“Do you want that with extra love?”), so that was also a major plus for Gizzi’s.”

Okay. SRSLY. DEAD ON. He looked just like Carter Ooosterhouse.

Oh man, that is so funny.
I should e-mail the author of that blog. Haha.

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