I just bought three things from Vitscost.com. A blue-haired girl from twitter saw me whining about having dry skin on my face, and recommended Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Facial Scrub:

I’ve never tried it, she said it worked well. It was super cheap, so why not? I also have been looking for some kind of facial wipes for after the gym (ew, oil/sweat) and the website had some really good review’s for Desert Essence Facial Cleansing Pads w/ Tea Tree Oil. (Pretty blue haired girl recommended the same brand’s face wash as well.)

I hope they work well, and help my face not feel so nasty after gym/sauna/steam room. I also got some firming lotion which I’ve been looking around for since I started to loose weight. I’m scared I’ll get saggy skin even though I am building muscles too. I really liked this website, there is so many reviews, it makes it easy to choose products. I picked up Reviva Labs Elastin & Collagen Body Firming Lotion.

I’ll try to do some feedback/product reviews once I get this stuff in 3-10 days. Oh! There shipping is always $4.99. Awesome! I am a huge hater of crazy shipping prices. :D

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