I was looking at this, I thought it was a woman in a costume hanging from the sign. Then I read the text. It’s really shocking that someone captured the last moments of someones life. I wonder when this was taken, the hotels fee seems to be $1 a night… The people on the left of the text box along with the men in the window. They have no idea what’s about to come. I should look into this.


I quickly learned that it is a famous picture from 1942 by I. Russel Sorgi, who worked for the Buffalo Courier Express. It is known as “The Genesee Hotel Suicide” or “The Despondent Divorcee.”

I found that The Genesee Hotel sat at 530 Main Street from 1882 to 1922. Not sure what is there now. Knowing Buffalo and all the wonderful architecture there, it’s probably looks quite similar to this photo. Anyone know? Maybe I’ll remember to check when I’m in the area.

Hotel is still open and going.

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