Things I like today;

Jane from SeaofShoes hair, it’s so beautiful. As well is her skin, clothes, body…pretty much everything about her is beautiful. I wonder if I could pull off that color hair. I’m thinking about e-mailing her asking what she does to make her hair have those soft loose curls, maybe she could do a hair post..?! (Probably not.)

This dress from Christopher Decarnin’s amazing SS09 collection. Power shoulders! And yes, that entire thing is studded. !!! This is the type of things I think about to inspire me when I’m doing 200 ball crunches.

The hilarious contrast between Rodney’s work day and mine. Also, Rodney found out he did very well on the Border Patrol test, which means (hopefully!!!) he’ll get a full time job. That will really, really make him happy, and in turn, me so happy for him.

Yoga tonight that will hopefully relieve some stress/make my back feel better. I wasn’t too impressed with the last two yoga classes at Shapes, but maybe they were having yogi off days.

Both! of my bosses are out of town today. So, I’m picking up a few more hours which is great because I won’t miss any hours on my paycheck when I go out of town next week (To see R!!), and well, no bosses here!

Things that I’m not liking today;

Crazy intense back pain. This has been going on for about two months. I think it’s time I see a doctor about this. Boss #2 said he’s going to call me tonight, his best friend is an ER doctor, and might be able to direct me what to do/who to talk to.

This could probably go into both categories, lately I’ve been re-evaluating friendships in my life, and distancing/cutting myself off from a lot of people. I think I’ve grown out of alot of my friendships. The seven year itch, of friendships..? I’ve noticed my moods have drastically increased in happiness. Life just seems easier when it’s simple. On the hard side, it’s not exactly easy to come with grips that some people just should not be in your life anymore.

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