Ever fallen asleep behind the mouse while Photoshopping into the night? Did you dream yourself into a Michel Gondry-esqe fantasy in which you were forced to battle colossal magnetic lassos to keep them from destroying the planet?

Were your hands so large that you were unable to defeat evil Lasso-saurus with the shortcut for deselect? (Command/Control-D)

Behold! A friendly frame without an agenda for world domination. No, it’s no nightmarish vision of weary-eyed design time. It’s a picture frame that brings the digital fun straight to your desktop, no, your DESK top.

The Photoshop Photo Frame is designed with all the familiar features of a standard Mac OS X Photoshop window — scroll bars, gray and white checkered pattern and all. Every detail pixelated and screen-printed to perfection.

I think this would be a great gift for Kyle this Christmas. I might actually attempt to make it myself, It’s pretty expensive for a frame! Link

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