Really slacking on work today; I don’t know, Friday’s are just so distracting. All I want to do is browse, and add more to things to the, “I wish I could buy” list. I’m such a consumer. I like to call it, “connoisseur of cute”. Then it doesn’t sound as bad…right?

Donna O Designs

Punky Bunny 300 (I LOVE this shop!)

I’ve been looking for a handmade ring to replace the ring I broke. I think I need something a little tougher. I also would like something totally girly/lovey/cute/couple/barf status. I think I would get one with our names. This would also make a good gift for my friend for Christmas; her boyfriend is deployed.

I think I once made a bet with Rodney, and I said if I was wrong, I’d make him breakfast every Sunday morning for eternity. Let’s just say, I lost. This usually has me looking at cute pancakes, since I really am not a fan of breakfast foods, pancakes are all that I can tolerate. I’ll send him e-mails with all these cute pancakes I find on the net. This is at the top of the list! You can get one for $20 here. I’ll be asking for this for Christmas. ;D

Enough consumerism, this weekend is PACKED. I seriously don’t have much free time at all. I’m actually busy every weekend untill mid-October… what a change!

Tonight I am going to Cafe Hey with Weg, Clark and Trey. A friend of mine, JB, is premiering his movie, “All My Friends”. It should be decent, besides I usually like JB’s hippy/thespian friends. There is an “after party” (aka; get totslly craptastic schwasted) afterwards at my friend’s house, but I think I’ll be skipping because I’m waking up at 8am to go with bride-to-be to her hair appointment then look for weddding makeup/bathing suits for me.

Sunday I’m going to a gathering at my friend Kyle’s for the MTV Music Video Awards. +++

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