My mind is blown right now. Ealier this morning I was looking for these sandals I saw this past weekend that a girl was wearing at Ginnie Springs. I tried all google searches. I had given up.

I then had moved on to looking in for the perfect black wedges. I stumbled onto Melissa’s “Scarfun Summer” wedges:

I cannot describe how perfect they are. I do usually prefer close toed shoes (Don’t like being smashed) but I’ve fallen in love with these, next pay day I am going to celebrate the closing of this intensely busy month, and buy myself these. If I make till then, I’ll be very proud of myself. :)

While browsing, I FOUND the sandals I saw this past weekend! They are made by Melissa too! They are named, “Secret love”:

Aren’t they different? I love the idea behind them. I want to pick them up as well, but I would like to test try these on first. I wonder how it feels…! I’m so excited, I love the universe and it’s connectivity! More Melissa shoes!!

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