V. excited about tonight. Costume is all ready. I’m painting my nails at my desk.

  • Black Sequin intensely crazy tuxedo jacket with tails. (!!!)
  • Black knee-high boots :)
  • White tuxedo blouse, 2 versions, not sure which one I’ll actually wear.
  • Black vest & Black cumberbun (I heard you can’t wear both)
  • Nude pantyhose & Black Fishnets
  • Black Skirt/booty shorts/dress (I’m not sure how outgoing I will be…)
  • Black Tophat :)
  • Little bunny (fake, lol)
  • Magical wand that I made from pencils and black and white duct tape

I’ll try to post pictures if I like the outcome, if not, you’ll never see it, lol ;D

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