I took a sleeping pill – I’m tired & restless, the worse combination. I always find myself enjoying these final sleepy moments, it’s bittersweet, you know peace & stillness is coming soon.

I thought of these ballerinas today. I remember every birthday growing up my mom would put them on my homemade cake. Those made me really happy.

I’m good at finding distractions for moments –

I never intended this blog to be a place for emotional, soul-baring, heart/soul writing, I guess lately I haven’t been wanting to turn to my actual paper journal. Teetering around the actual issue at hand is such a coping mechanism. I actually hate when the blogs I read do that. I always want them to come out with the real deal. Spill their guts, purge.

I bought a new moleskin tonight, I think I need some new clean space.

I always come back to the word, ‘Balance”.

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