* A dreamboard is a collection of words and images of what you want to invite into your life; it can be done in any way with any thing. It can be simple or complicated. It’s up to you.

“How do you make a dreamboard?”

* However you like, this project is totally yours. Create your dreamboard on bristol board (poster board) with magazine images. Create it on the computer. Use Polyvore or Mosaic Maker and Flickr photos. Paint one big word on your bedroom wall. Pin images on your bulletin board. There is no way to get it wrong. How great is that?

“Are dreamboards and vision boards the same thing?”

* In many ways, yes. The main difference is that dreamboards are directly tied to the cycles of the moon. This connection to the rhythms of nature helps us tap in to the rhythm of ourselves.

“Why make a dreamboard?”

* Putting our intentions into tangible form helps both us and the Universe get really clear on what it is that we want. The Universe responds to what we put energy into. Let’s put our energy into our dreams!

“Why on the full moon?”

* There is power and energy in the full moon. It represents the full strength of what is possible in the nighttime land of dreams. When you make your board on the full moon, take a moment to focus your attention, to say to yourself and the Universe, “This is what I wish to manifest this month.

Why not the new moon?

* The new moon is also a very good time to make a dreamboard. It’s a time of beginnings, of planting seeds, and we will be incorporating that energy into our dreamboards. I will be posting a reminder on each new moon that it’s time to start gathering materials for your dreamboard, looking for inspiration, noticing what you’re yearning for. Then we will launch our boards to the full moon’s powerful energy.

“Do these things actually work?

* Dreamboards are guaranteed to tune you into your own tastes, preferences and desires. As you get clear and focus on what you want to invite into your life, it is truly amazing how these things begine to show up. One month I had chosen an image of a hawk to represent the kind of focus that I wanted to bring to my work. Imagine my surprise when days later I looked out the window of my very “city” home to see a hawk in my neighbour’s tree. I’ve never seen one before or since. Amazing things can happen.

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