I’ve decided to participate in Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. I think it will be a great way to push me and get me actually writing verse posting cute & happy pictures.

This will be a bit of a challenge for me because, this year has been pretty hard on me. It’s been a 180, from where I was a year ago today. I’ve lost many friends, partly on my own accord, and some over differences in life choices.

I also parted ways with the man I was dating for the past 2 years.

This may be the perfect opportunity for me to tune in to my experiences without feeling as overwhelmed about the situation and a chance for me to confront repressed negativity. I guess write it all down, get it all out?

This doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a ton of good stuff that happened, though.
Join me in reminiscing?

Day #1; Best trip of 2009:
(I’m a day late, oops -I promise I have good excuses)

In February, I had recently been laid off from this recycling/ebay weird job place I was working. I had already planned a trip for a week to visit R while he was training at Ft. Knox. It ended up, that I stayed in Ft. Knox with him for close to three months.

In retrospect, this was the best part of 2009, I needed at that time to get away and look reflectively back on a lot of friendships and things going on at home. I felt at the time, that our relationship was really blooming into something amazing. We stayed in a hotel suite that was very small, a bed, tv, bathroom, kitchenette. I began writing letters to friends, verse IM or E-mailing people. I saw tons of awe-inspiring nature though a lot of hiking. I met the most inspiring, driven people I have ever met in my entire life. Lots of reading, cooking small meals without an oven. I saw snow for the first time in my life. I made a great lifelong friend, who I talk to almost daily for support in life. I developed the utmost respect for anyone who serves this country.

This was after a field exercises and they were cleaning them all.

Crawling around, tanks are WAY WAY smaller inside than you would EVER think by the size of them.

There isn’t enough words or time to sum up that entire trip. It’s certainly something I won’t ever forget. It feels good to look back and remember the good times.

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