Best of 2009 Blog Challenge, Day 4. Book.

Awhile ago I saw Nubby Twiglet tweeting about the book, “The Alchemist” by the Brazilian lyricist and novelist, Paulo Coelho. She talked about how she needed to give it another read though, I was interested in any book a person would read twice, so I went over to to check out what it was about. I ordered it that day.

This story is presented in parable/fable form. It’s about a Shepard boy who seeks the interpretation of a dream by a Gypsy woman. After obscure directions from the woman, he meets an old man in a village who changes the direction of his life. He then decides to sell his flock of sheep and travel in search of his Personal Legend. At different points in his journey, he encounters many places and people who would make a deep impression on his life.

He treks through the Sahara desert in search of his elusive treasure, he is faced many tough decisions. One of them was whether to continue his search for his treasure.

The story is very readable. It made me think about my own “Personal Legend” in the context of my own life and beliefs. Paulo Coelho wonderfully involved divinity in it, which I believe is where it all comes down to in the end. I would read every night before bed, and everyday I could take what I had read and applied it to how I was feeling that day. I was mesmerized. Was this book speaking to me?

I do not think I would forget about this book. Ever. It has really deepened my understanding of life and dreams. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as problems – they are simply challenges. To overcome them, we are required to be one with our hearts and with the natural world.

It is definitely worth the read.

After searching a bit, Nubby actually wrote up an entry about the book as well. It’s far better written than mine, and much more detailed, definitely check it out.

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