Obviously I’m not good with keeping up with things…
Day 5; Night out.
(If you are wondering what this is, find out here.)

So, I had been feeling crazy depressed, since the lost of my friends, we had all gone camping for someones birthday and they really disliked the way I handled all their marijuana use. (I don’t smoke these days at all, actually I’m totally against it.) They were extremely vocal, as I was as well, and really… I don’t think we could ever reconcile the friendships. We were on different paths, and the weekend made this very apparent.

My ex had just came for a beach weekend at Anna Maria, and things seemed really off. I planend this weekend for months in advance. In retrospec, this is probably where I should have ended it. I actually did try to end it, but couldn’t force msyelf to stick with it. We didn’t make plans for the next time we’d spend together, he was really quiet, depressed and pulling away from me. We’d had gone to a friends wedding, and talking about marriage suddely had become off-limits, when it was something we had talked about in great depths before.

All in all, I really needed a night out.

I’ve been very active on Twitter, and there was a “tweet-up” at the performing arts center. I asked a good friend Jamie, and a new friend who I had met online a few weeks before, Kiera, to head up there with me and checkout what this was all about.

Once there, there was a backstage tour, and a lot of standing/sitting around awkwardly. After the tweet-up, they were playing a movie on the lawn, me and the two other girls sat down and were just chit-chatting, and then two other people randomly came gown and sat with us. Me being me, I started chatting with them and their names were Renee and Gregg.

By this point, I was bored and really wanted a drink. I asked them (Renee and Gregg) if they wanted a drink, and we soon found an outdoor bar. These were the days when I was still limiting my daily calorie intake to less than 700, so after one double, I was feeling great. I wanted to keep going.

Talk of what to do next came up, and I decided to go out with Renee and Gregg. We left from the Performing Arts Center and walked to a close bar, where I drank even more. We talked about music as we picked out songs on the jukebox. The crazy thing is, within minutes of meeting these two, I instantly trusted them, and had no worries. I opened my heart and mind to the night ahead of me.

We decided to take a cab to Ybor, by this point I’m pretty wasted. We end up going to a club, Czar, and Renee and I danced on a pole, we all silly danced on the dance floor, and the drinks kept coming… (Social lubricant?) A few hours later, we wanted a change of scenery so we went to another club a few blocks away, Castle, and started to drink liquid cocaines, and dance even more.

Things start closing down, so we took a cab back to the Perfroming Arts Center, and we broke into a construction zone on the edge of the river. We talked and talked about everything imagineable. Once we got to a park, we did cartwheels and laid in the grass under the stars. I felt so happy, because I had made new friends. I had proven to myself that I wasn’t destined to be friendless. People could actually like me! and I really liked these two new people.

After while we started to think about sleep. Renee had invited us back, two total strangers, to her house to crash. Gregg was the soberest (?!?baddescisiontime) and he drove to Renee’s. We sat up till the sun started to peak through the nightsky.

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