December 8 Moment of peace.

I have been into yoga for 2? years now, but this past year I finally got regular with my practice. I had always watched tapes, by myself, or on the living room floor with my friends all with our mats all out.

In the summertime, I finally decided to get serious about loosing weight, and I joined a gym. (I was never ever ever ever the type to workout) and the MAIN reason why I joined is because they held group yoga classes, and I could do that! It was pretty much the only thing I wasn’t scared of at the gym.

I’ve always been troubled with racing thoughts/anxiety/being really wound up, and the twice I week I have class is pretty much the only times I can focus all that stuff out and really get into the groove. During savasana, or corpse pose, which is what all classes end with (It’s just laying on the ground) the yogi always talks during this time about anything on your mind, taking it and pushing it to the side. They also talk about seeing white light. This is the ONLY time I can think about nothing. I suppose it’s guided meditation. When I am having rough weeks, I feel so enormously blessed that I have a quiet little room to go to and zone out for an hour.

At the end of class, the yogi reminds us that whenever we are having rough moments or times through the week, to embrace and recall this moment, because we worked for it!

I also love the strength I’ve found/developed through yoga. I love how chaturanga is my favorite pose because I can hold that push up forever at the bottom about an inch from the ground. (the bottom pose below)

I recently quit my personal trainer to go to an actual yoga studio. :) Namaste!

December 9 Challenge.

This year has BY FAR been the most challenging year of my life. I’ve explained it pretty well in other posts. I don’t think I need to rehash everything. :)

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