Hahaha, from a chowhound post:

Silver dragees can be lethal.

A minister’s wife hosted a ladies’ luncheon at her house. One of the guests brought a cake decorated with a mutitude of silver dragees, which she placed on the kitchen counter for dessert. The minister’s wife, however, had a weakness for those dragees. Every time she passed the cake, she picked a few off & popped them in her mouth. Pretty soon the cake was all but bald. Although the minister’s wife loved the silver dragees, they always had an unfortunate effect on her digestion, causing a terrific build up of intestinal gas. She surely enjoyed those purloined dragees, but was having a heck of a time concealing the rumblings in her gut from the guests. She kept running into the kitchen to an attempt to hide the inevitable toots from the other ladies. Her efforts to contain her problem only made it worse.

And so it was, that she was in the kitchen when the oven timer went off, letting her know that the tray of lasagna was done. She grabbed a couple of pot holders, and bent down to pull the lasagna out of the oven. As she did so, her skirt hiked up in the back, and (you had to see this coming), the pent up gas released with a mighty blast. She shot the family cat.

I swear! No kidding!! (grin)

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