Draft Two.

I feel like telling a story. Someone randomly asked me the other day asking if I had ever gotten into a fight with anyone. I answered “no”, because I’m not a “fighter”, and avoid fighting at all costs. I don’t like confrontation.

But then, I remembered the one lone physical “fight” I had ever been in.

This happened a long time ago, in high school actually.

I was in my favorite class of my senior year, which was home-ec. They named it something clever like “life skills” so men would take it as well. Anyways, finally! class about cooking, sewing and child rearing. I loved it.

This was this girl in my class, who was extremely disruptive. Most people took this course to just get an easy A, and elective. (I was using it for this too, but I also enjoyed it.) She would always yell during class, and was especially mean to the teacher.

The day of the “fight” the whole class was in front of sewing machines and I was especially excited because I at that point had not learned how to sew pockets.

She was blabbering about something in the back of the class, and I finally had had enough! I couldn’t hear the teacher, and I was getting hot/angry.

I looked at the girl and said, “Hey could you shut up?”

she then proceeded to get up, and walk over to my sewing table, and pushed the table against me.

I then stood up and punched her in the face. She started bleeding.

Then we got all pulled apart and the teach next door told me to tell the Principal that she hit me first.

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