December 18 Shop. Online or offline, where did you spend most of your mad money this year? #Best09

I spend the most of my money on unfun stuff like:

  • Gas & tolls (~$75wk)
  • Cigarettes (hopefully no more since I have an electronic cigarette)
  • Car Insurance
  • Gym Membership

When I do spend money in fun ways, it goes something like this:

  • Target (Clothes/Shoes/Impusle)
  • Drinking/Eating Out (I wish I could cut back on the Eating Out)
  • Traveling (I was in a LDR, you know.)
  • Crafting stuff
  • Hello Kitty/Impulsive buys

In the book I just finished, Road Trip Guide to the Soul by Sadie Nardini, and in one of the final chapters she talks about money and spending habits. She speaks about having a relationship with “Cash”, and you must treat it as another important person in your life, and will in turn help you see more clearly where you’ve blocked money from coming in and staying with you more, and uncover where imbalances lie.

What really struck me is when she mentioned, when you spend money on things that you don’t need or aren’t in love with, you’re sending a message to cash that it’s not important and you don’t care if it goes away.

“Using money toward stuff you don’t feel anything about is unnecessary and also creates an energy leak to spring inside of you. It drains you, because your actions are saying, “I am not worthy of using life energy toward powerful things, but I will give it away to things that mean nothing or little to me

She calls these things, “bye-buys”. Common ones are, interest on unpaid bills, impulse buys, snacks and beverages, and overdoing nights out. (GUILTY to all of these!)

She suggest to do a “bye-buy” equation.

Mine is this:

Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (#6, sausage flatbread/coffee w/skim=250 cals=YES)

Lunch at Subway (6” veggie or tuna w/baked lays and diet coke)

Water at Yoga
+ $1.00

Post workout Cliff Bar (siiigh)
+ $2.00

= $14.00?!

60.76 a month? 729.12 a year?!

I need/will try to be way more consistent on bringing a water bottle with me everywhere I go, filled with water, homemade teas, coffee, whatever… and packing snacks like I used to. Not only did I save a load of money, a banana or homemade granola is much better for you than anything from a coffee shop or vending machine.

As far as nights out go, I need to cut it down. I buy more drinks then I need to, eat because I’m tipsy, then I’ll buy rounds of $10 drinks for my one-night-only bar friends.

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