It’s officially 2010, Year of the White/Metal Tiger! I’m glad it’s here!

I was born in a Tiger year (1986) & I’ve read those born under compatible signs will likely benefit from luck or good fortune during the year (- i.e., in 1914, 1926,1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022.)

I don’t know if I believe necessary in horoscopes & years, but I feel like it gives me a great mindset to be stepping into 2010.

Last night was pretty amazing. So many people were here -people I had met last time I came up + lots of new people, beer pong was being played (My team won the Championship; Team Chochalicious 4eva!) There was a screaming countdown in 10×10 room filled with at least 30 people. I don’t have too many pictures because I tried to be pretty social, since I didn’t know the majority of the people in attendance.

Jon & friends always get out guitars and start playing for everyone. Before the night is over, everyone is all drunkenly singing together. (minus Kumbaya & a fire) It’s probably one of my favorite things about coming up here.

Here is some video’s of Jon & Harrison + Various other people from the night:

Oh! I also added Harrison’s “decent” web-comic to my blogroll there on the right. (Jon’s other bestfriend that I’ve also known for ~10yrs)

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