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I haven’t been blogging, I don’t know why, not entirely too busy, but I’m going to guess it’s because I’ve been decently busy at work since I took off those 4 days to visit Connecticut. Shit just piles up. && since I do most of my blogging at work… I’m just going to dump a bunch of random on you. Sorry in advance! ;D

I’m always interested in Horoscopes. I don’t always think they are right, but I always enjoy reading them. I also find it awesome that I fit my sign, Aries, quite well.

2010 Horoscopes; via Mystic Medusa, via Gala Darling

Style: Always the Alpha-Girl, you’re about to reinvent yourself yet again. An innovative new era starts in June. For the first time in 80 years, rad planet Uranus will be in Aries. Let your look lead the way via a make-over. Scheme for a mid-year relaunch: Honed bod from mega-fitness, scarlet, diamonds, tan, clean, eco, sporty & a sci-fi style scent concocted with ground-breaking technology. Nothing naff, chintzy nor old-school and the same with accessories.

Happiness: June to September sees you blissing out with Jupiter, the luckiest planet of all. Anticipate peak experiences as you assert yourself more stylishly. You’re soul-mining until March 11, as Mars Retrograde hypes spiritual life. Yoga, retreats & spa hols do brilliant work. Your professional life needs to be approached as a non-stop transformational junket. You’re incapable of stagnation there and things screw up fast if you try to go it in slo-mo.

Love: After April, you’re compelled to set better relationship boundaries. An uncertain phase lingering since October 2009 ends in July and serious deepening of commitments is on your agenda: Marriage, children, a business together or a casual flirtation ramping up into more passionate scenarios. However, you’re not in the mood for immature game-playing. If necessary, you’ll ditch scrappy love affairs and set off to seek something more sophisticated.

That has me very excited, although the love part about October 2009 really gave me the heebee jeebees. (Did I spell that right?) Anyways, click that link up there and go check yours out.

This is a really cute Etsy shop, with a bunch of KAWAII stuff from Japan, and everything is $3.50, which is great because you can buy a bunch of cute stuff for yourself and not feel too guilty. I need more friends to write letters to. In fact, when I was in Conencticut, Jon pulled out a box… he had saved EVERY letter I had wrote him since we had met in 2001. It was really cute to re-read some of the stuff I wrote.

Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday. I woke up mosyed around and had brunch with Gregg at the Buddhist Temple. Then we headed over to the Big Top Flea Market to look for old typwriters and other cool things, and ended up with $1 books and the best hot pickles -ever. Stopped at MD Oriental on a whim ended up browsing and picked up some Ramune and chocolate rocks. Stoped by International Mall to look at Sanrio for Hello Kittly stuff and stop by the Apple store. Grabbed coffee before we left, and headed to Qzar in Tampa to meet up with Marissa and Doug to play LASER TAG (!!!). I REALLY got into it. At times I was running/jumping around like a crazy person, and really enjoyed it. I was once the high scorer on my team! I will definitely will be trying to get everyone I know to go with me more often. It’s a great pseudo workout too.The day was finished with dinner and dorm rooming. (2+ people in the same room on their personal lappy at the same time.)

I loved yesterday. I wrote it all down because I don’t want to forget. & use the most links I’ve ever used in one paragraph.

…Not that I know anything about relationships/marriage, but I liked this:

Marriage is not a love affair,
it’s an ordeal.
It is a religious exercise, a sacrament,
the grace of participating in another life.
If you go into marriage with a program,
you will find that it won’t work.
Successful marriage
is leading innovative lives together,
being open, non-programmed.
It’s a free fall: how you handle each new thing as it comes along.
As a drop of oil on the sea,
you must float,
using intellect and compassion
to ride the waves.

Via white hot truth by Danielle LaPorte via Joseph Campbell.

Time to read and head to bed, I’m so sleepy today! I was yawning at the gym, ha!

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