I’ve put on an online photo scavenger hunt. It is like a regular scavenger hunt, but has an interesting twist — the goal is to bringing back digital photos (Cell phones/Digital Cameras/Etc.) of places, actions and things. It started Monday, 01/18/2010 and finishes, Monday, 02/01/2010.

Anyone can join all they have to do is have a google account and send an email to photohunt2010@gmail.com and they will be added to the list of participants!


  1. All photos must be taken on or after the start date.
  2. Only photos submitted before 11:59pm EST on the finish date will be accepted.
  3. All photos must be taken by you.
  4. All items are open to interpretation, feel free to think outside the box! (Bonus points will be awarded in extreme cases!)
  5. No pictures of pictures (unless specifically asked for) No taking a picture of a photo of a mullet, nor may you find the image online and pretend that you took the pic, we know what Google is.
  6. If we cannot figure out what your picture is, it will not count.
  7. Each picture may count only for one item -a picture of a deer in headlights giving birth is worth only “deer in headlights” or “something giving birth” -NOT BOTH.
  8. “Someone” can be ANYONE – you, a friend, relative, baby mama, a roommate, a stranger, a cop, a waitress, It doesn’t matter; we just want that action immortalized digitally. Note: No repeats!
  9. You will be required to find someone to take every picture that requires you in it. At least 50% of your body needs to be in the picture! It’s nice to meet strangers, be nice!
  10. ***All photos must be PG***
  11. Keep it honest! Have fun with it! Explore!

Submitting Photos:
We have set up http://picasaweb.google.com/photohunt2010 as a place for everyone to submit their photos. This is where your Google account will come in handy as it is the only way to post pictures. Each item has been given its own album so please be careful and place yours in the right folder otherwise it will not be counted towards your final score.

Since all items are given a point value the person with the most points at the end of the hunt will win. In the event of a tie the winner is decided by the person with the most 5 point pictures. If there is still a tie we compare 4 point pictures, then 3 point and so on. If ther is still a tie then the judges will decide the winner based on creativity of the photos.

The prize for this first time is a T-shirt that says you won our first scavenger hunt. Oh, and bragging rights.


Does this cost me any money?
This time it does not, however in the future we would like to have a small entry fee and then do some cash prizes.

What does it mean all items are open to interpretation?
That means be creative. If we asked you to find us a ring, and one person submitted a wedding ring and someone else submitted a boxing ring they would both be correct.

Can I work with other people?
You can work with whoever you would like, but no one can submit the same photo as someone else. As long as the photos were taken with a different camera they can be of the same thing.

Social Media Info:
Twitter hashtag #psh2010
Twitter account that you can @ reply, ask questions: @psh2010
Facebook Group: International Photo Scavenger Hunt

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