I sent:


I was wondering if this was still available?
Total fees, what is included?
Is this a safe location for a single female?




Thank you very much for making enquiry about my house, well I am happy to tell you that the house is available for now and you can move-in immediately or at your will after we have both reach an agreement on the rent.

I am a military man and currently not around in the states, I am in Africa with my family now where I’m receiving medical treatment due to the explosion of a Bomb that affected my legs and would not be back until July 2012..

Here is my phone# 011-234-8059356222 I would be online thought out to attend to your enquiry.

House Information:
Bedrooms                        2
Bathrooms                       1
Size                            1000-1200
Parking                         Allow
Pet Policy                      Cats,Dogs
Deposit                         $500

Utilities Included:
Gas & water,Air Conditioning, Dishwasher,kitchen,Refrigerator,Off-Street Parking,Public Trans,Yard,Garage,Storage,Pets Allowed.

What is your time frame for moving? you can and drive-by and mail me
back if you like the property and its environments.

The security Deposit is $500 and the monthly fee is the $500 which is a month payment.
Get back as soon as possible, the address is there go ahead and drive by the house and if the house for okay for you fil the rent application form ASAP.

For more information contact @ my cellphone:011-234-8059356222.


1) Full Name:   

2) Your Full Address:

3) Phone Number: 

4) How old are you? 

5) Are you married?    

6) How many people will be living in the house? 

7) If you are rent YES/NO?

8) Do you have a pet?  

9) Do you have a car?

10) Occupation?   

12) What is your religion?  

13) Are you born again?

14) When are you moving in?

I will proceed on the shipment of the Keys and document thru courier service company DHL.

I wait for your response.

Thanks and Regards,
Kevin D Bradbury.

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