I hear it mid-December to mid-February, “It’s so cold! When is it summer?! I want to wear my flip-flops!” -Total aggravation with ANY temperature under 75 degrees.

I do admit I am a total wimp when it gets under 30 degrees. That’s acceptable, I grew up in Florida. I’ve never shoveled snow, or scraped windshields… I’m talking about the ‘sweet spot” of coldness which (to me) is 40-60 degrees.

Some reasons why I love cold weather;

I love jackets, they are handy, pockets to put keys, cell phone, wallet…. Everything within reach, no purse needed! Hoodies! Who doesn’t like being a freaking kangaroo?! & you are 90% less hung-up on “how fat you look”, hidden -presto!

Hot foods like soup, coffee, chili, taste 1 BILLION times better when you are cold. Hot coffee in 80+ degree weather is miserable, and I just don’t like iced coffee. (You that do, you’re blessed!)

Cuddling with someone is also 1 BILLION times better when it’s cold out. You automatically scoot close together for body warmth. It’s a miraculous thing. Have you ever have to lie in bed & whine about how hot and humid it is?

Fires in fire places – They make everyone happy. Everyone loves building fires, and roasting marshmallows. They make everyone gather around with pillows and blankets, books and conversation.

Baking; I can use the oven without making the kitchen unbearably hot. No one likes icing that melts.

This list could go on forever, I’ll be the girl SO bummed when Florida heats back up.

I’m leaving you with a song, that hasn’t stopped playing in my car all week; Enjoy!

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