I am so sick! It feels like there is a sharp? golf ball in my throat, my neck is so stiff -I’m unable to turn it left or right. I am constantly freezing (fever), I’ve had my jacket on for 48 hours straight.

I felt a bit better after some chicken noodle soup yesterday, but today it’s back with a vengeance!

Some people recommend a “hot toddy” which wiki describes as, “cinnamon sticks, lemon peels, fresh squeezed lemon juice & honey. Add 1 to 2oz Whiskey to each mug before serving. Cloves, ginger and allspice or packaged mulling spices may also be used.”

I’ve gone to the gym everyday this week, and I have a sneaky feeling that is what gave it to me, and making me worse.  I think tonight, (I get off early on Friday’s 4pm -compared to Mon-Thurs 7pm.) I’m going to pick up all the ingredients on the way home and veg out, and try to kick this cold/flu.

I want to be well before Sunday, I’m having brunch with Gregg @ The Bungalow, and then hopefully apartment hunting. In the evening were meeting up with a friend and her beau to see Shutter Island @ Cine Bistro in Hyde Park. I really don’t want to be that girl sneezing and passing this on to my friends.

Wish me luck…

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