This morning I went to look at yet another apartment. The last apartment (which I was crazy about) seemed to been too shady about changing the rental price/what was included -talking to two different people, so I just gave up.

The one I looked at this morning is Seminole Heights, which is what I am looking for, -it’s centrally located in Tampa. My commute would be cut in half. No tolls. During this entire apartment search, I have been steering clear of apartment complexes, while looking for either some sort of garage apartment, a few units together, ideally something with more “charm” than you’d find in a 100+ unit complex.

This one was interesting, it seems to be a house that was cut into two and made into two units. There is a garage behind the house w/ another apartment above it. So, there is three units on the lot. The owner brother & son live in the other two units. There is off street parking.

The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are on all one level… I drew up this picture to explain. So the dark gray is a step up, and light gray is a step down.

The dark gray is wood floors, and the light gray is linoleum. (ICKY!!!) It’s really big for the price the asking. There is some weird stuff that bothers me, like weird metal ugly cheapy shelves on the walls, that I’d have to take down. & that horrible plastic floor, I’d need rugs, huge rugs to cover that hideous shit up. I like how the place is a huge circle, and how there is an office space, it makes me think of fabric and sewing machines. Yay! I think this weekend I am going to check another place, and one more Monday then I’ll choose.

Tomorrow is Jamie’s baby shower! I’m going with Jen, and her son Orson.
I’m super excited to see Jamie and talk about everything baby related. =)

Saturday night I am supposed to go to a country bar w/ friends that don’t have blogs I can link to. Sunday I am going to the buddhist temple for the best thai food, and then looking at another apartment with another friend who doesn’t have a blog to link to!

Have a good weekend!

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