Friday; Watching a friend yell at a Verizon Customer service rep, eating chick-fil-A, watching “Armored” (terrible) staying up late catching up on Hulu queue.

Saturday; Awesomely loving baby shower, my favorite people Jen & Ori, afternoon nap, Out of state friend “Putting her lips on”, Wing house w/ so many awesome people, Dallas Bull, 2 double shorts, dumb waitresses telling us teriyaki is hot sauce, lots of shots, “I’m Awesome!”, trying to make everyone dance, Droid aps deciding what shots to order, jello shots in syringes(?!), bathroom attendants, failing at trying to steal ringpops, ice cream, trying to convince someone to give up their pillow top bed.

Sunday; Waking up at 8am, trying to meet up for Thai food, looking for knock-off purses at scary Flea Markets in the “hood” for two hours, Making fun of friends driving, too much rain!, Cheddars -Onion rings & buffalo wraps. Going to the mall, buying new flipflops <3, coffee, beer fetching :), finding black gum!, yucky sushi causing pasta to be made, Catching up w/ Flash Forward, Speaker of the dead, xo’s.

Links! Here’s everything I’ve found this week.

Get ready Easter, Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make chocolate eggs with real egg shells. This seems so incredibly tedious, but looks amazing.

Those nails look like the cosmos!

These shoes are blowing my mind. The shoe is a Möbius band where a single strip forms the sole, heel, foot-bed and upper.

A whole shop of German Glass Glitter, I have no idea what I’d do with it, but I want tons of it in all colors! So beautiful. I’m on a serious glitter kick.

I love calligraphy.

Tutorial on how to make a Wooden Wax Seal. This is right up my alley ;)

Awesome Flickr set of beautiful stones.

Awesome t-shirt that pretty much sums up why I love Twitter so much. Take it off the nets! Make friends :)

Tutorial on how to make surprise ball bombs. File this under, “can’t wait to host children birthdays”

Bite Sized Beignets w/ citrus spiced sugar

These soft, sweet & puffy pieces of fried yeast dough are often found sitting under piles of powdered sugar. Though your waistline won’t want you to eat them oft, you can knead up a batch in a matter of minutes, then plop the dough into a gallon-sized, lightly oiled ziploc bag and let it rise in the fridge overnight. Wouldn’t a plate full of hot beignets, a bowl of banana’s and a supful of cocoa make the perfect remedy for this final plague of chilly winter mornings? Yes. Yes, indeed. Add to the usual platter of powdered-sugar coated beignets a heavy dusting of homemade citrus-spiced sugar, and you may just discover that you’re a morning person after all.

This framed poster reminds me of Liz, it seems like something she’d have in her cute abode. The real question is, if the daily love was directed towards her mister or her adorable pup, Walter!

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