Tampa Bay Businesses Encourage Customers To Check In On APRIL 16, 2010

[March 31, 2010] – Tampa, FL – April 16, 2010 – Foursquare Officially announced that April 16 will be known world-wide as Foursquare Day. Tampa Bay Businesses are encouraging the community to “Check In” using the location-based social network, Foursquare throughout the day for local specials and swag. Restaurants and coffee shops will be among the many different businesses throughout Tampa Bay participating in bringing the community together.
There are multiple ways that local businesses can benefit from the use of Foursquare and the participation in Foursquare Day. Contests and discounts through location-based social networks will help businesses make use of the Social Web as a promotional tool and will allow for their customers to engage more with the brand locally. Foursquare users earn points as they visit new places or return to familiar establishments in hopes of becoming the “Mayor” of that location. Getting involved is easy so head on over to Foursquare and get your account so you can participate in all of the Foursquare Day festivities.

Follow Foursquare Day on Twitter: http://twitter.com/4sqday
Become a fan on Facebook: http://facebook.com/foursquareday
For additional information please visit http://4sqday.com

The Foursquare Day story is a story about ideas, community, Tampa Bay, social media, and crazy deadlines. Foursquare Day started as whimsical thought by Nate Bonilla-Warford. An optometrist by training, he has been a dabbler in social media for years. Nate is amused by simple number relationships, like squares and primes and he makes a big deal about Pi Day each year. The thought struck him that since four-squared equals 16, it would be great to check into foursquare on the 4th, 16th of the year.

Although many people were interested and helped immensely, a small group of people made up the core of the Foursquare Day team including, Jessica Barnett, Antony Fancis, Amber Osborn, Care Colgan, Bill Cason, Kim Randall, and Allison Barkely. What started as an idea quickly spun into a global phenomenon with groups in all over the world including London and Prague getting together to get their communities involved and excited.

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