James Joyce in Ybor/Tampa, FL

This past weekend was super packed, I loved it! My friend from a forum I regularly post on, Option5, had some business here in Tampa on Monday, so he came for the weekend.

On Friday night we went out to CineBistro in Hyde Park to have dinner/drinks & see “Kickass”. I loved the movie. It’s probably the first time I’ve wanted to see a movie again. I plan on doing that soon.

Saturday was CRAZY. I woke up bright in early to pick Matt up. We went to breakfast at First Watch, then to the Florida Aquarium. This was actually the first time I’ve been to the aquarium. I picked up some white plates that look just like paper plates & a set of red cups are dead-ringers for the plastic Solo cups. They are cute. (It’s Not Paper products from  One Hundred 80 Degrees)

Behind the aquarium, there is  SS American Victory Mariner’s Memorial and Museum Ship. We stopped in & explored a functioning, 1940s-era merchant cargo vessel which served during World War II , Korean and Vietnam war. It was intensity hot, but really fun to crawl around everywhere. You are practically allowed to go anywhere in the ship & it’s HUGE.

After the ship, we headed to Mosi. I wasn’t really impressed with the traveling Da Vinci exhibit. I always love Mosi, & it’s been completely redone since I’ve been there last. (Probably 3-4+?? years) Matt beat me in a brain game where you are supposed to relax and push a ball. Pretty much he beat me in every game besides the blood pressure machine inside the human body exhibit. haha.

After Mosi, I took him to Tampa’s Taco Bus. :)

That night, we met up w/ some friends for dinner @ Buddah Lounge in Ybor. According to Gregg, the sushi was good. Everything else was pretty bad. I had edamame & split pork dumplings w/ Gregg, I wasn’t too hungry.

After that, we went to James Joyce to get Joe drunk for his 21st!  A lot of people ended up showing up. I was happy to see all my local O5ers. :) Super awesome night.


Sunday we went to The Lime in S. Tampa for brunch w/ Mimosas.

After brunch we went to Malibu Grand Prix and raced go-karts, played arcade games & hit balls in the batting cages. (I’m horrible at hitting balls with a bat, it was pathetic.)  It made me wish Weg had hungout because we were drifting around the corners of the track:

After playing, we went to Muvico Centro Ybor 20 to see “Losers”.  It sucked, but in a funny way.

It was an amazing weekend. I had a really great time.

I’m going to post pictures of my apartment garden tomorrow! :)

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