This morning is wonderful. I woke up an hour before my alarm, I’m ready to go for the day BEFORE I usually even wake up. :) Now I’ll spend the rest of the time, not going to get my transcripts, but by playing Words with Friends. My user name is “thatgirlallie” if you want to play. I also jam out to classic rap every morning.

Friday; I got off @ 5 & went to shop a bit  to get some tank tops & “summer suitable” clothing for our trip this week. I got a dress, & 4-5 tank tops. I hate them all, but only because I just feel so uncomfortable in anything other than black & 3/4 sleeves. -I am completely comfortable w/ how I dress, just times where tank tops & skirts are appropriate, I’d like to not be drowning in sweat, or look like I belong on Goths in Hot Weather.

After shopping for an hour or two, I met Gregg up at the house & we went to Ruby’s. I ran into my friend Buff, who I’ve never seen there. It was awesome getting to talk to him. We made it an early night (Home by ~10:30ish?) because we had plans to go to Gregg’s work the next day.

Saturday; I was up @5:30am. (tummy issues) We left the house @ 8:00ish, stopped & got bagels (YUM 9grain & chive) on the way to Gregg’s work. Once we got there, I got online to interview a guy who lives in London named Hodge for Option5. It went pretty smooth once I got going. I’d post it here, but it’s pretty long, over 2,000 words. I seem to have the tendency to ramble…

Once that was all done & posted, Gregg had ordered lunch, so we ate. I then played with a graphics tablet, which I’ve always wanted to do. I found out that drawing on a tablet isn’t as easy as I had thought. My handwriting seems so much shakier. I’d like to own one to play & get more familiar with it. I did end up making some herb markers since Gregg has a laminator at work. ;)

At 5pm we headed to Cracker Barrel to pick up some barking dog clock?? my mother wanted for Mother’s Day, then to Target to buy wine glasses (stemless), dish towels, and some other stuff I forget at the moment. We ended up again at Ruby’s for dinner since it’s right by the movie theater. We made the 9:30 showing of Iron Man! I loved loved loved it! The day before, my friend had told me that he thought that it was “too over the top” & “flashy”, but I think they captured Tony Stark perfectly. & just to say it once again, Robert Downey Jr. is a total babe. Like, sexiest man alive. Mmm, confidence.  (& I loved those sunglasses he wore!)

Sunday; I laid around in bed till about 11, & went to CVS to get a last minute Mother’s Day card & then headed to my mom’s to go to dinner w/ her & my brother. After, I packed up more shit from my mom’s & headed home.  I read & played words w/ friends most of the night.

I rested alot & relaxed this weekend. How was your weekend?

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  1. Hey Allie, sounds like you had a super busy weekend! My weekend consisted of work, a craft sale (my Mom was selling her necklaces and art) and some sun (now sunburned!)

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! I can’t even remember the last time I was at a Cracker Barrel! I forgot they existed!

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