Sometimes I worry that lurking the internet for crafts and following so many blogs (I am an addict; you have no idea!), that I lose my imagination and creativity along the way. I see items on the internet that I want to make! Then, I feel guilty for wanting to copy someones idea; when I could just by whatever they have crafted on Etsy. I want to support crafters! But, when the time comes, & I am lurking the aisles of Micheal’s, I just don’t… feel inspired. I’m thinking of other peoples amazing ideas.

Currently, I am decently “fluent” in:
– Sewing (Hand, Machine and Embroidery)
– Soap Making (Both Melt & Pour and Cold Process)
– Pottery (I am familiar with throwing clay & a wheel)
– Candle Making
– Quilting
– Pretty much all types of paper crafts (Origami, Decoupage, etc…)
– Resin inlays
– Wet Felting
– Stamp Carving
– Book Binding (v. novice! I can do little note pads and such, not amazing stuff like this)
– Knitting
– Crocheting

I would eventually like to:
– Build my own potter’s wheel, and kiln <3
– Earthenware
– Glass Fusing/Blowing
Circut Bending
– Sterling Silver, everything. (Molds, Freeform…etc. )
Precious Metal Clay
– Dry Felting

In Google Docs, I keep a crazy inspiration & links documents. Here is some stuff that I’ve been eyeing & inspiring me lately. All picture link to source!!

This week since Gregg’s been away on business, I have been cutting, braiding & sewing tee-shirts to make a braided rug for our place. I’m not sure where it will end up, but I’m thinking it would look cute on the patio! :) I have claimed the patio mine indirectly… with all the herbs/veggies/etc I am growing.

This is the idea of the rug I am making, just I chose to make it oval verse a circle. & mine has no colors, just black, white & grey.

What crafty bits have you been up to? Anything inspiring you lately? Any projects planned for this summer? Share!

6 thoughts on “Crafting”

  1. I had no idea you were so fluent in CraftSpeak! ;) I am totally stealing the idea of that paper cutout hearts card hahaha.

  2. I LOVE the color of the paint job in the first pic!

    When I have the time I like to work on book art projects. I’m also getting into t-shirt reconstruction.

    There use to a tampa bay crafting group for women called the Girlfriend Sweatshop a while back that was disband. I only went to maybe two meetups but I wish I had had the chance to become more involved, they were a very talented group of crafty ladies.

    I need to start blogging again, post like this remind me that I really do miss it.

  3. @ Liz – That’s what I mean! I see awesome ideas & I just want to steal them all, and I feel like a mind thief! I wonder if I spent more time offline (gasp) if it would rejuvenate my creative flow.

    @ Kiera – I love the color of that tiny(!!!) craft space too. I’m not even a fan of pink normally, but it fits so well. By art books do you you mean, deconstruction of books? Painting inside of them, etc etc? I’d love to find a crafty group in town, I was talking to @RedheadJessica about signing up for & getting together & crafting weekly or something like that. — I miss you blogging too!

  4. Yeah, I do deconstruction of books and I make them my scratch. I recently made a book full of envelopes for my aunt. I actually took two book art classes. They went into deconstruction and different binding and paper art techniques.

    A weekly/monthly crafting get-together would be soooo great. And that summer camp thing sound very interesting.

  5. I’m always full of craft envy… I’ve been doing a bit of crocheting lately because it keeps my fidgety hands busy.

    I’ve done some knitting, too but I think I need some in-person help with that before I try again.

    I went looking for groups in Tampa Bay before and found like abandoned internet forums and that apparently some Michaels have free classes, but that’s it.

    Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff is expensive, too (tools, equipment, supplies).. I have a ton of stuff now that I never use..

  6. i found a pretty awesome site with lots of sewing goodness that i want to do when i get home. The bad part about it is that a lot of it is girls clothes. Never anything good for the boys

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