I’ve gotten some e-mails with people asking; so here it is.

(Yes, that last picture is just my makeup bag, and I carry all this stuff everyday/all the time)

15 thoughts on “What’s inside my bag”

  1. Ha! Awesome. Now I don’t feel so bad. So many times I’ve seen girls write “what’s in my purse” posts and it’s like a few cute things. I think they must take all the crap out of the frame and just leave the cute stuff…or they’re super organized and don’t need much to function? Who knows. Anyway, it’s nice to see someone keeping it real. :)

  2. @ Layne – I agree! They always have 4 things in their purse & it’s like chapstick, phone & a wallet. How is that possible!? I am a planner & carry full size lotion & dry shampoo… serious biz!

  3. @ Krysten; I love it! It’s Tresemme. I looked at so many different brands of dry shampoo, but they were all so expensive & I couldn’t justify spending that much. I am so happy with it. It’s awesome to have when I am meeting people up after work, & my hair has gone all flat during the day. I’ve also used it with clean hair, just to add some texture. I use it pretty often, maybe 3-4 times a week, & I’ve had it over a month. I totally recommend it.

  4. I haven’t owned a purse in two years, I’m such a non-woman. :/

    I like the typeface, what is it?

    P.S. I has blog!!

  5. @ Kiera; haha! I just realized I have never seen you with a bag! Omg! How do you do it?! YAY BLOG

  6. I laughed so hard at the “lol fat burners” hahaha!! I like the honesty. I love looking at these “whats in my purse” posts and I should do one but every time I look in my purse all I see is a mess of receipts and lip glosses with missing lids.:s

    I have a major crush on your purse – where is it from?

  7. @ Leah; ahhh a blond commented on my blog…!!! Excite! My purse is a complete wreck, I actually took out all the various receipts I had floating around my purse… it was shameful. My purse is from Ebay, haha I got it for $3 from some overseas seller & later on I found out that it’s a knockoff of a designer bag, yay $3!!

  8. oh my that’s a lot of stuff! at least you’re always prepared!

    p.s. i love that you carry your DS in your purse! i used to carry mine too until i kept pulling it out and playing it at work and realized i needed to leave it at home >_>

  9. 4 chapsticks? I was not aware that you had such a problem with dry lips. Or do you use different chapsticks on different areas?

  10. haha; it’s the damn impulse buying at check-out lines. I can’t refused $1.00 or so for some new chapstick!

  11. hahahah, I no longer get to carry a purse, just a diaper bag :(

    only thing in my bag that belongs to me is the wallet. everything else is for ori

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