Hello! I still can’t figure out what to name my links/image/random floaty thought bits. I’ve been working on actual blog topics this week, but for some reason when I try to write about more serious things, I get so nervous & proof read everything 15 million times… so soon. I’m in no rush -I just want to make sure I’m through and convey everything correctly, my head is so jumbley. I don’t know how all my favorite bloggers write & post multiple times a week… It’s all so good! As always, all images link to source, I’m trying to be good girl about this!

I found out one of my longest friends (since I was 6!), neighbor & all around awesome person, Sophia Canino, had fallen 150ft off a cliff while hiking in South Carolina on May 27th.¬† I had no idea for the pass three weeks, but thankfully her parents have been amazing and created a website & a site where there is updates about pretty much anything that has happened. Yesterday she left the ICU unit, this was great news, I seriously teared up at my desk when I got the e-mail alert that her website had been updated. Reading back through the journal entries was pretty hard though… hearing her sister describe holding Sophie’s hand while she was being read her final rites -I couldn’t imagine! Yesterday, I contacted all the girls we were all friends in highschool with and asked them to look around for some old photos of us all. I think I’m going to put them on all on a poster & mail them to her for her hospital room. Her family’s faith in God has been so so inspiring, times likes this -you believe miracles do happen.

There is a swamp/lake/thing next to our apartment, & I have been taking the back way in because I like hearing the cicadas, frogs & whatever other noise making things are over there. I feel like I’m in the bayou!

I think I am either going to the Tampa Etsy Craft Party or #PascoCountyTweetup tomorrow. If I end up going to Etsy party (#1 pick!) I want to enter the cupcake contest. Gregg suggested I make meatloaf cupcakes w/ mash potato frosting -I’m not sure those will fare well. I thought about making pineapple upside down cupcakes.¬† I’m not terrible at piping, but I prefer the way cupcakes look when they’ve been knife frosted, I do not like the popular¬† “puff” of frosting on top. It’s too much frosting people & terribly distributed. So, pineapple upside down cakes, completely rids the option of frosting.

^^ Holding true this week! >_<

I made this image for Gregg to try & convince him for a puppy in an apartment. It’s so not a good idea; but waiting for a yard seems forever. & waiting for magic kitten/cat to walk into our lives is also unknown time frame.

Exodus 15:26

26And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.


4 thoughts on “Link/Image/Thought Dump”

  1. I’m very, very to sorry to hear about your friend. I think the poster idea is excellent and thoughtful. And I agree, faith is a very inspiring thing.

    You MUST go to Esty Craft Party. You MUST. *peer pressure* Haha. ;) If you end up going try to remember to text me because I’m planning to be there.

    Annnd, if you want me to be the magical kitty fairy I can just – oh, you know – drop a kitty off in a basket outside your doorstep in the middle of night, ring your doorbell, and then run off really fast. *whistles*

  2. Whoa. I just spent some time at Sophie’s website that you linked to. What a powerful story that seems to be coming to a happy ending! Thoughts are with you love.

    ps; GET A PUPPEE NAO. <3

  3. that puppy pic is AMAZING!

    whoever thought of sending sophie pictures is such a good idea-er?

    jealous, want to etsy craft party :(

  4. i think you should totally call it “random floaty thought bits” lol

    p.s. thanks for the link to that cupcake blog! i’ve been dying to figure out how they do those cupcakes that look like roses. i will prevail!

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