Over the weekend I made a list of  a few things I wanted to do/complete before 2010 ends. One of them was to save $5,000. I had originally planned to save $10,000 for 2010,  I think I may have been aiming far too high. Or, I am just terrible with saving money. I’m pretty lucky in the sense that my only bills are car insurance, gym membership & gas/tolls.  The bank I use (Bank of America) has a pretty cool system where it makes a chart of how you spend your money – Here is mine since Jan. 1st:

“Other” was listed as:
Travel (Hotels&Tolls)
Home Maintenance (Ikea & Dry Cleaners)
Personal Care (Gym)
Other Expenses (Paypal)
Entertainment (Movies/Museums/Redbox)
Automotive Expenses (Oil changes/Driver’s license)
Hobbies (Micheal’s)
Charitable Giving (Some thrift stores/Donating)
Telephone Services (This seems to be withdraw fees & web hosting?)
Service Charges/Fees (Monthly fees)
Home Improvement (Lowes/Home Depot…garden)
Electronics (Apple store)
Online Services (Gregg Bday gift)
Utilities (Walmart?!)
Cable/Satellite Services (Tolls?)

Anyways, all this equals I spend a ton of money. So, I’ve set myself $20 for the week (Monday-Friday). This may be kinda tricky since I am attending the Mashable Meetup Wednesday, the Tacobus Tweetup Thursday & seeing Eclipse that evening.  I have a full tank of gas, so that’s good, although usually I fill up again mid-week. (I drive 45mins each way to work) Tolls are automatically taken out of my bank account; so I am just going to not drive toll roads…which adds mileage. I’m not sure how I’ll work that all out.

Anyways, this will be a fun game for the week. I’ll post everyday how I’m doing. Itemized lists & all. I asked Gregg not to pay for anything for me, so I can’t cheat.

Today I am at $0, since I just drink coffee (work has a machine & beans) & I bring a refillable bottle of water. I usually eat breakfast at home, skip lunch & eat dinner at home. Thankfully, since last week was all wacky busy, I still have a ton of groceries left over. :)

Okay, I’ll report back tomorrow!

Ps. This font is pissing me off lately, I think I am going to change it. It randomly spaces out weird & makes it hard to read. & it doesn’t bold <b> or <strong> it’s all funky.

Pps. Does ANYONE know how to make my blog posts show full size in readers? I hate that truncates it. I’ve reset my feed burner & set “show full text”. I am completely lost, please help! Sos!

5 thoughts on “TwentyChallenge”

  1. Oooh let me know how it goes with your budgeting. I srsly need to do the same I spend wayyy too much of my *extra* cash!

  2. Good luck budgeting! I have been trying to save at least half my paychecks this year and at first was doing a pretty good job of it, but have been slipping the last month or two, sigh. Saving is ridiculously hard when my heart is convinced it somehow *needs* to acquire every pretty thing it sees, and also my BF lives halfway across the world now, so plane tickets are killer :/

    Oh, and I think your posts are showing up non-truncated now, at least to me! I think it probably just took some time to set in.

  3. Oh man, long distance. I did that, I was sooo broke, even when we split the plane tickets. It’s fun to be a jet setter though ;)

  4. All’s looking good in my gReader as far as full posts go. Also, I’ve recently adopted the saving mentality of treating my savings account as a bi-monthly bill to pay. Knowing that it’s going to me takes the edge off. Also, BoA’s Keep the Change program is pretty darn stellar if you do frequent Debit transactions.

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