Amber & Me at #TMMUP Social Media Day

Okay. So my hair was flat. I was twenty minutes late to work, yesterday morning was crazy. The A/C was broken at work -It was 86 degrees from when I got there at 10am till 2pm. Everyone had left work till the repairmen had fixed the unit, but you know, one person has to stay to “watch over” the office or something. I had posted on twitter that I looked like a hot mess, people asked for pictures. I drew myself. (The coffee was made prior  -One sip & I had to stop drinking, too hot!)

Anyways, after work I headed over to Tampa Bay Brewing Company for the Social Media Day with Mashable Meetup. I met up with my friend Joe, and at the door, another good friend, Oz, saw we had been tweeting about it and joined us! Super stoked! After saying hi to a few people we headed to the bar, and got beer. I just asked for the wimpiest beer since I’m not much of a connoisseur. (Happy hour $4 + $1 tip = -$5) I had brought mini bottles of rum in my purse. I was trying to think smart! Anyways, diet coke is free & purse booze is some serious win.

Gregg showed up an hour or so later, I was so happy to be around everyone. I’m glad to have been able to spend time with Lee & Gil… & get to know them better finally! They are a super cute couple, & have great personalities. I am looking forward to seeing them again & going to concerts.  We went to Mema’s Alaskan Taco‘s & got yummy food & then headed to the after-after party @ New World Brewery. Drank PBR (Thanks to Gregg, woot!) & told Joran that I’d win next week with foursquare. We bet $20. Joran is always the top out of all my foursquare friends, I’m going to have to be busy next week. It will help that I have a friend coming in town. Muhaha ;)

After that, a few of us party people got pizza (Yay Gregg!) & heckled passerby’s. Moved my car to the garage & we headed home.

That makes my 4 day total -$5.79. $14.21 left. I am going to the Tacobus tonight (Come out come out!) & to see Eclipse. (You know, support my husband’s acting career… RPatz) I’m going to go out on a limb & say I think I am going to fail. I think the movie’s $9 tickets is what will kill me. We shall see -I don’t do well with defeat!

I’ll leave you with another winning picture Tony decided to take:

Burn her!! Demon!!! LASER EYES!!!1one

ps. I’d like to take a photo like this with Gregg & hangout with Amber with umbrellas like this.

6 thoughts on “TwentyChallenge/Day4”

  1. Maybe you should buy your tickets from the automated machine thingie, you can lie easier and say that you’re a student and/or child and maybe get the ticket cheaper!

  2. I have tried doing that and they check :( They make you go to the customer service and pay the difference.

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