I guess I really like “challenges”. Saturday evening I told Gregg I could make a better pizza then him. The only rule is that we each could only spend ten dollars. Here’s what we came up with.

These are my ingredients; potatoes, broccoli, pancetta, mozzarella cheese, garlic & milk. I decided to roll my pizza up & then cut into slices & bake them in a pan. Here’s my finished product.

It was really good. I loosely based my around this recipe for mashed potato pizza. You used garlic mashed potatoes as the “sauce” layer. If I made this again, I’d have some sort of dipping sauce, or make the crust thinner. It was so starchy.

Gregg’s ingredients were brie, prosciutto, basil, and roasted garlic. (He used the silicone cupcake/muffin pan to roast them in the oven.)

& here is his finished delicious pizza;

His pizza defiantly won. All of his ingredients melted in your mouth; he took the roasted garlic & used the “paste” as his “sauce”. Thin layers of prosciutto & brie, & topped w/ basil just after it was out of the oven. So good!

If you were to make pizza, what would you put on your perfect pizza?

6 thoughts on “Pizza Challenge”

  1. Oh, my perfect pizza would have mushrooms (several varieties) feta, capers, anchovies and some white cheese sauce. Ok, I totally stole this (and modified slightly) from Carnival Cruiseline but seriously, nothing beats this pizza at 3 AM.

    Both of those look so good. If you need taste testers, holla! We’ll be there for you!


  2. Lol I read your blog. =P
    Heh, anyway my favourite is always apricots, garlic, chicken breast, brie and pinenuts.
    Make the apricot and garlic into a sauce for the base and layer the rest on top. Sooo good.

  3. Did you guys use pizza sauce? I am allergic to tomatoes so these could possibly work for me and convince my husband it’s still pizza.

  4. Nope, no pizza sauce! One pizza had roasted garlic & the other was mashed garlic potatoes. (I guess we really like garlic??)

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