Whoa, it’s been so busy lately.

The apartment is a complete mess. From my seat on the couch, with last.fm playing, I see:
-Blankets/bed stuff from Jon sleeping on the couch.
-Bottle of Sriracha & noodle soups I bought for Gregg at the Asian market in Brandon w/ Jen, Orson & Jon.
-Wrapping paper & ribbon scraps from the diaper cake I made for Regina’s baby shower.
-Empty Brita on the kitchen counter.
-Half empty jar of dill pickle cashews.
-Cast-off camping supplies from Gregg heading out to summer camp.(flashlight/sleepingbag/towels/etc…)
-Settlers of Catan box sitting in the middle of the living room.
-Empty box if tissues from Jon being sick.
-Half drank mug of tea from last night…just…sitting there.

Two weekends ago, our friend from Tennessee, Matt, came to visit again. Last week (Wednesday till this morning) Jon came from Connecticut. I’ll have to share pictures soon. Went to Busch Gardens for Gregg’s companies Family fun day w/ Jon, Marissa, Doug, Josh, Josh ++ So much more, tonight I am utterly exhausted. I had planned on getting home & cleaning like a mad lady. I grabbed Taco bus (ughhhfattymcfatterson) & just vegged while watching True Blood. (Missed last night’s ep.) Catching up all on the blogs. Work was relatively decent, I blame it on starting the day w/ a venti iced Americano. This week, I am seeing The Smashing Pumpkins (yes, my *first* time seeing them, holy moly excite!) on Wednesday, #EpicThanksTampa meeting Thursday, & gym gym gym any other day. Oh & sharing everything that went on the past two weeks here. Bedtime starts… now.

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  1. HAHAH It had to have taken longer to make the post than it did to pick things up. That must be why I can never come up with blogs to post. I clean the house before I sit down to type :)

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