New breakfast item that Gregg & I are obsessed w/ after Oz ordered it (all separately) @ Village Inn after a #EpicThankstampa meeting.

One egg -sunny side up, two pieces of bacon, all on top of a pancake drizzled lightly w/ syrup.

This is the best pizza I’ve EVER had. @ #pizzaoventweet

Still trying to keep up w/ E-mealz, here’s a stir-fry from this week.
I “kicked it up a notch”, I make everything super spicy.
Sriracha or chili paste in EVERYTHING I make.

I went to my good friend Kim’s birthday on Saturday.
It was awesome & these cupcakes rocked my world -Lemon!

Me at work, drinking coffee.
I drink so much coffee, like 8 cups a day.
I’m kinda glad the weather here has been rainy, I can enjoy hot coffee!

My boss got a Carin Terrier last week…!
Harry! I love him & I’m sure he’ll be hanging out at the office all the time.

2 thoughts on “We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program…”

  1. I want lemon cupcakes!!! Holy shit sound so good.

    Orson and I will come bring you food one day next week. Please make sure Harry is there.

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