Friday- Lindsay, new jeans & top. Getting ready, borrowing shoes & jewels, James Joyce meet up w/ Kiera & Aussie friend. Cute bar owner. Get armbands from Czar, take a birthday round. Stop by Honey Pot, lovely Kyle, drag show(!!!), half naked men dancing = awesome, Back to James Joyce, TB shows up w/ crew, more rounds, rain, Steak & Shake, rainy sleepover. :)

Saturday- Head home from Lindsay’s, get Chick-fil-A on the way, shower, laundry, get ready. Pick up Amber, meet up w/ Pavlo & Nicole for a beer before HIPPIEFEST! at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Meet up with Cate! Lots of chair dancing, lols & Italian sausages. Hookah bar. Tried ladies giggling/verbal spewage. <3 Drop Amber off. Drive home, Sleeping in your own bed = <3 <3

Sunday- Wake up early, made “HIGHLY CAFFEINATED” tea gifted by Melissa. Cleaned the apartment, Gregg came home early from camping. Ruby Tuesday’s lunch before seeing Scott Pilgrim. Very good! Saved a turtle ^ from parking lot death in the raging rain. Named him Frank! Snugs & Snogs & Sleepytime. :*

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Cute. I have two red eared sliders myself. Looks like you have found yourself a yellow eared slider there. Mine are Freddy (the male) and Nim’ (short for Nimrod like the one from the tv-serie “Surface”). Male is 30, and female is 20. Bye Bye and love from a danish guy in Denmark….

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