Meet Garbage! Gregg & I were volunteering for Coastal Cleanup Saturday morning-afternoon. We didn’t clean a beach though (tricked!), we walked down about three miles of road with our team picking up trash that drivers have thrown out their window. It was pretty sad how much people threw out their cars… lots of beer bottles, fast food cups, plastic bags… Early in the day, I found a dollar bill… I thought that would be the best “find” of the day…

After an hour or two, I pointed to a kitten about to cross the road. Gregg saw traffic coming and stopped it so he could rescue the kitten. Little did he know that she’d run into his arms! (Not exaggerating) I immediately yelled out, “OURS!!” and did a happy dance on the other side of the road.

Back story: I have been BEGGING for a pet (dog/cat/etc/whatever…) for over 6 months now. The deal Gregg and I made was when an animal found him, that would be our pet. Why couldn’t it find me? – I can’t be trusted, I’d “find” a puppy every day! We’ve even joked about me getting my friends to put a kitten in a basket and leave in on our porch…!

Our entire crew was excited. We made plans for me and another girl to take the kitten to the vet immediately to make sure she wasn’t mirco-chipped or had feline AIDS/Leukemia and get her baby shots. While we were waiting for the organizers to pick us up and take us to the car, we all started tossing around names. Someone “checked” and found out she was a girl. Cici (Coastal Cleanup) was suggested, then Gregg said… “GARBAGE!”, it stuck.

At the vet we found out she didn’t like dogs or water. She was perfectly healthy for a stray. A few fleas, no worms or diseases. She’s 11-12 weeks old and tabby/calico mix. She kneads (makes biscuits) constantly. (Even her food while she eats, lol!)

She’s not a very hyper kitten, but we suspect she’s resting and eating from being famished. She likes fake mice toys, doesn’t like balls with bells, feathers or laser pointers. We bought her a little kitty house with a scratching post, a bed, and a litter box. (Once she gets the hang of that, I plan on teaching her how to use the toilet! I detest litter!)

We’ve made up some silly stories about her origin. She likes to pounce on her toys a lot, so we’ve joked about her killing all her brothers and sisters to survive. We kid about her being half bobcat.

The vet also said she’ll probably stay pretty little, she has teeny tiny paws. That’s why we got this awesome reflective collar with a bell, we’d probably loose her in our 1 bedroom apartment!

I think her favorite thing to do for now is circle Gregg’s neck and forehead bump him. It’s pretty cute, I’m glad we saved her life, and I hope everyone excuses me for the slew of kitten/cat pictures/videos from this point onward.

I’d also suggest volunteering to pick up trash, you find money and kittens. INSTANT KARMA!

5 thoughts on “Meet Garbage!”

  1. Allie – a sweet albeit “Garbage” kitty for a sweet caring woman :)

    So, so happy for you and Gregg ! – A truly blessed kitty she is!

  2. that is so sweet, i know i’ve told you that we rescued two kitties and are up to three with the big giant one my profile pic. . .you guys are the best!

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