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I think my cat, Garbage, is Bast the Cat Goddess of Egypt. I have a habit of sending Gregg random e-mails through the day, I sent him an e-mail proclaiming that Garbage must be Bast or Bast reincarnated…!

Bast, also known as Bastet, is a feline Goddess of ancient Egpyt. Meaning, “Devouring Lady” (from bas, to devour, with feminine ending).  She is said to be the daughter of Ra, the sun God. Bast represented the moon in its process of making a woman fruitful with a swelling womb. She was also Goddess of music, pleasure, perfume and dancing.

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I saw this awesome recipe for Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups, yummm!
This is on the edge of too tedious for my baking desires, but I’d love to try…

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Tutorial for sparkly lanterns made from coffee cans! I’d like to make these & solar LED’s in them, charge during the day & beautiful at night!

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I love this cup, saucer, pen, and journal set designed by Katarina Häl. I’m always writing everything down so I remember it later, this would be useful.

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Everything you need for a day at the office in a cute jar! 1 pound jar containing pins & paper clips, wooden peg, pencil, eraser, paper ruler, string, tag book made from found paper and an assortment of labels. Now all you need to do is some work! I think this make an awesome gift for someone with a new job!

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Neat write up about a guy who wrote an How to write Interactive Fiction for Twitter. – “Choose Your Own Adventure” on Twitter!

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I’m ready for Halloween.  Cooler temperatures, costumes, sweaters…
I love this wreath made from folded up old books & buttons!

…Okay, off to an Epic Thanks Tampa Bay 2010 meeting, the Changemaker voting is going on currently, please make sure to get your vote in!

One thought on “Random Floaty Thought Bits 2”

  1. Sorry it took me so long to read this… but just sayin’…. Miu and Garbage will likely need to have a “Bast-off”.


    Lastly… Dunno if you’re having box training issues, but if you is, surprisingly “Kitten Attract” litter has been aces for Mano.

    That is all… lah-tee-dah. :)

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