For the first time in almost 20 years, northern autumn is beginning on the night of a full Moon. This called “Super Harvest Moon” & a serious must-see, not to mention an awesome way to mark the change of seasons. :)

There hasn’t been a comparable coincidence since Sept 23, 1991, when the difference was about 10 hours, and it won’t happen again until the year 2029.

Keep an eye on the Moon as it creeps above the eastern skyline. The golden orb may appear strangely inflated. This is the Moon illusion. For reasons not fully understood by astronomers, a low-hanging Moon appears much wider than it really is.

As an added bonus, Northern summer changes to fall on Sept. 22nd at 11:09 pm EST. At that precise moment, called the autumnal equinox, the Harvest Moon can be found high overhead with the planet Jupiter right beside it.

Also, Uranus will be very near Jupiter. The faraway planet is too far to see with the naked eye, but you should be able to see it with a pair of binoculars or a small telescope…!

I’m hoping there aren’t many clouds tonight so we can see the full effect.

Check your time-zone here.

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