I went to Howl o Scream Friday night w/ some of the best people! Tony & Laura, Mitch, Amber, Gabi, Mike & ! I had a crazy amount of fun. I drank many yards of beer, won two HUGE gorillas in a ball throwing game, won a guitar in a raffle(!!!), took pictures with sexy nurses & schoolgirls w/ Gabi. It was an insanely great time… A PERFECT way to end my hectic week, that $15 beer tasted so good!

The theme this year is quite awesome as well, we all had the song stuck in our heads all night long.

Saturday I packed up, & picked up Garbage, she is so cute! In the car, she laid behind my head, I couldn’t stop aw-ing! She’s like a parrot, if I could only train her to do this ALL THE TIME.

:) :) :)

I moved into the apartment! I transferred the electricity to my name today. I wasn’t going to move in till NEXT weekend, but I think it would be better just to move, so Garbage can adjust. I love it so much, I think Garby & I will be perfectly fine here. :) She sides around on the wood floors. Here’s the only pictures I have:

Front door, going up!

Bathroom this morning, Garbage was splashing around the tub.
I got to figure out where to store those bins…

& I’ve had a ton of visitors! I love my friends for popping by; Kiera came by & helped me move/organize,  we grabbed lunch & went to Target to pick up some stuff for the apartment.

That evening, Jess, Joe & Andy came by, we went to the Independent for a few drinks, played cards & loved on the cat.

Okay, Allie out! I just wanted to keep everyone updated, lol!

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