♥  Hello 2011! You are off to a BUSY start! Just looking at my January calendar makes me excited yet overwhelmed at the same time. There is so many parties, tweetups, meetups, birthdays…etc… already planned.

♥  An Abandoned Men’s Club Is Now a Home – I’ve never seen a space so aesthetically perfect to me. I honestly couldn’t breathe when I was viewing this article.

The Alcowebizer – Takes a website & “alcoholtizes” it.  It makes me laugh because whenever I am explaining how I want a website to look, it sounds like I am explaining a Geocities site from 1997. “….& then I want a unicorn to prance across the top & stab something! Yah!~!! Let’s add a dripping blood bar & marquee!! PERFECT.”

Nerf love – This ideally would be the most awesome way to greet someone.

The Science of Kissing – “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl, is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” – Albert Einstein :)

20 Great Web Applications Alternatives to Usual Desktop Software – I use a ton of these, & am looking forward to trying more.

♥ I just found out about toothpastefordinner.com this week. I don’t know where it has been my entire life, but I was laughing for about 72 hours straight.

Little Bits:

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