One week is over!

I’m down five pounds! That’s pretty awesome, although I should be down a bit more. I had three drinks last night, and also ate a chicken wrap during a movie. So, I’m sure I should be at least a pound lower, hopefully I’ll have a BIG lost next week.

Today I met up with the doctor & received my HCG & needles. We have to inject ourselves! I’m terrified. I already talked to Gregg & he should be able to shoot me every morning. :)

We also have to log our foods now, but I’ve already been doing that with the Lose It! app. I’m aiming for under 800 calories a day this week.

They also measured me, my chest is 42 inches, WOOO Victoria Secret! :P

4 thoughts on “ERGH; Week One”

  1. Im really proud of you!!! I support you in doing this but PLEASE be so very careful. Make sure you are eating 6 times a day if you can or about every 2 hours. That way when the program is over your bodys metabolism will still be pretty good. The 800 calories a week thing kind of scares me. I have know a few people who went on this and have really damaged their bodies in the process. You should be doing at the minimum 800 calories per day. losing weight quickly = fast results and immediate gradification but short term results losing weight slowly = slower results but lasting results. When I had my personal trainer I wass frustrated with how slowly I was losing the weight but the 20 lbs I lost last YEAR are still off and Im actually still losing weight without even doing anything. Lol. But like I said I support you my friend. I love the fact that you want to be healthier and improve yourself and if you need ANYTHING at all you have my number. You will do wonderfully just please make sure to keep your body as healthy as it needs to be throughout this transformation. I love you!!

  2. I don’t read my feeds every day so I’m a week or so behind in finding out what you’ve been up to.

    In re injecting yourself – if you can be brave enough you’ll find injecting yourself hurts less than anyone else do it (and, yes, trust the girl who used to put in her own dialysis needles at every treatment!!)

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