It’s pretty clear by now that I love The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  :)

I watched, “How Do You Know” last night, at one point in the movie there is a shot where Reese Witherspoon is looking into her bathroom mirror & there is inspirational quotes covering the surface. Wait, I found a screenshot. Just call me Queen Google :)

Anyways, I liked it. I think I’m going to work on something like that soon. Oh, btw, the movie was good, but I really like chick romantic comedies where there is nerdy/quirky guys. Paul Rudd is my new celebrity crush, he’s hot.

Last night I cooked fish for the first time in my life. It was tilapia, I just baked it with salt & pepper. I’m glad I found seafood that I can stomach. Also, bummer.  Oh, I must report that while in the final hour of work I started getting really woozy/dizzy. I had missed breakfast/lunch because I wanted to get to the doctor on time. Thankfully Gregg was at his appointment & dropped off some turkey jerky.  (Although THREE OUNCES is 234 calories!! WTH!) Once again, I felt immediately better & was okay to drive home.

Today I am prepared, I think the woozy/dizziness is from low blood sugar.

Here is what I have planned for the day:

8:15am– Egg w/ spinach mixed it. It’s one of my old standbys & I enjoy it immensely. 80 calories

11:15am– Orange; I cut it at home, I hate how sticky/messy/juicy they are. It’s my last one, next shopping trip I’m only getting apples.  70 calories

3:00– Salad w/ romaine & field greens. I added a bit of rec onion & 3 chopped up slices of turkey bacon. 243 calories

5:00– I made one of my favorite dishes!! Cucumber salad! (Thin sliced cucumbers/onion + apple cider vinegar) I realized last night that it was totally fine to eat.  43 calories

7:30– I cooked two 4oz. portions of fish yesterday so tonight would be easy. I’ll have a salad or if I’ m craving hot foods, I’ll have some sort of leafy greens. :) 148+ ?? calories

That’s the thing…

I’m already at 584 calories BEFORE I even add my side dish for dinner. I have to have protein in the AM, I do not want to feel like crap. I even brought an instant oatmeal packet to work, JUST in case I start feeling terrible. I don’t care if I go over 500 calories. I don’t even think anywhere on the sheet the DR gave us listed a calorie total.  I still think if I stay under 800, I’m fine. According to my height/weight I need to consume 1,337 calories to lose a pound a week. (Oh hell naw, I’m 1337!:)))) So, if I stick to under 800, I should be fine.


We had planned that Gregg come over very early (he has a busybusy day) & he’d shoot us both. Gregg came over & I chickened out. He was totally relaxed & filled the syringe up & shot his tummy. I knew I’d be emotional & need to “talk” & be hassled.  I just refused. Then after he left, I felt that I needed to do it, he was really brave.  I filled up the syringe & googled how to inject on You Tube. After watching 2-3 videos I just lifted up my shirt & did it. I was worried about it going in. But the needle is SO THIN, like a hair width.  I just realized a needle prick is laughable. So that’s that.

Here is a another Paulo Chelho quote that I made w/ a photo from Flickr.

magic/stars/miracles? Yes plz!

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