♥ When I woke up today I thought it was Friday, then remembered it’s Wednesday. Gregg & I have planned to go to Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club tonight to partake in a beading & chainmaille class. I’m really excited that we got our membership cards & are going! It’s only $2-3 a class! (per hour)

♥ Smashing Pumpkins’ released a new song- “Owata”!!! You can listen to it on the right side on my page. Also, the current band finally has secured rights to all the Pumpkins’ unreleased material, so we can expect remastered reissues of Gish, Siamese Dream &Pisces Iscariot by Christmas(!!!), complete with extra tracks. 2012 will bring Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness, The Aeroplane Flies High & Adore, while 2013 will see Machina I & Machina II reissued with the songs in the correct running order.

♥ I really love Cat vs Human. It’s a comic about a girl & her cats. =^..^= Also please see her other comic Doctor Cat MD.

Suzie the Foodie made Chocolate Biscuit Cake which was Prince William’s grooms cake. It looks SO good. (This is just not my diet talking) Cookies + TONS OF CHOCOLATE + heavy cream= YUM!! Suzie’s blog is all around amazing, for sure worth subscribing & bookmarking.

A really cute shelf made from a wooden magazine holder from IKEA. I wish I could find a place for this at my home, OR I didn’t have plaster walls that I’m terrified about drilling/nailing in. Crack! ($5 shelf!)

♥ Another cool project from Apartment Therapy DIY Small Space Pallet Garden. I’d also like this at my house, just where to put it?

♥ My boyfriend, Gregg, has a different spin on keeping up with his HCG diet. He made a food log blog.

Y’all know I love .gif’s right?

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