Awww, what a rainy dreary day… I’d really love to curl up with a book, or take a nap with kitten. Although, I’ve been slacking updating this week (blame the 3 day weekend), but medical weight loss plan is officially over! I haven’t nailed down my new plan, it’s going to be trial and error, I’m sure.

Some Plans/Goals:

• I need to buy a scale, my scale at home is a cheap ass dial scale, that is ~8 pounds off, and hard to read. I’d really like to pick up a accurate digital scale.

• I’m going to start adding protein in the morning. I can’t stand hard boiled eggs (I made two dozen last week, it stunk my place up and I ended giving all the whites to Gregg.) I’m thinking about buying the egg whites in a carton & mixing them with frozen bag spinach. I’ve done this before, it’s nice & quick in the morning.

• I’m eliminating fruit entirely from my diet. There’s really no need for it.

• Contemplating adding beans/lentils.

• I packed my gym bag. I am going to the gym tonight!! I promised myself I will not get discouraged if I am not as badass as I was a year ago. I’m feeling “skinny fat” which is a term for someone who is thin, but with high body fat. Like a runner, or a sedentary person who doesn’t eat much.

• I posted a picture of how big my smallest jeans are on me. (Size 9) I have a long way to go, but my clothes being baggy is the best motivation ever.

• I ate out a few times this past weekend, it went pretty well. At the Refinery, I had jerked lentils & yuca. At hibachi, I got tofu w/ double veggies instead of rice/noodles. On Memorial day at my mom’s, I had 2 hot dogs (ughh beef) w/ green beans.

• My NUMBER ONE problem is drinking. Two flaming drinks was more sugar than I had consumed in the entire week.

• Going to start having a cheat meal once a week. (which includes meal/drink)

That’s it for now. I wish I had brought my dinner to work, so I’d be hitting the gym with more than 175 calories in me. Good news is, there is an accurate scale there & I get to meet my man for dinner at his place after! Little things!

2 thoughts on “ERGH; Week Five”

  1. As someone with a shockingly large of diverse diet books (trial and error, indeed), when you’re ready to take a look at your options and goals, let’s chat. You know where to reach me. Congrats on the baggy pantaloons! Now to replace your baggy underpants *sends copy of Bulk Underpants Catalog*

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