Last Thursday (June 23rd, 2011) my friend Oz texted me the above photo of my friend Bridget & this message:

“Bridget and I left you a gift. 27:56:53.20, -82:27:42.51, or there abouts. Rsvp”

I was immediately excited because Oz knows I love to geocache & those were GPS coordinates!

This morning we decided to find it on the way to Gregg’s office. The building in the background of the picture is of University of Tampa, so we knew to look in the park across from the campus. (Curtis Hixon)

We got to the park, and the cords were pretty far off. Gregg saw the fence that Bridget is leaning on, it was the only one in the park without a wooden top rail.

We to that spot, & wedged between the concrete there was an altoids tin. We had found the cache!

Inside was a note from Oz & two antique dice, which on one of them the 1 is a skunk! Also he typed up the directions to a game called “Mia”; which I am going to try to learn tonight. :)

This is probably one of the most awesome & creative things friends have ever done for me. I already am thinking of ideas of how to get them back!

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