– Still haven’t posted a blog about the #NASATweetup #STS135, I have all the photos off of my memory card, but no wifi at my place to upload.  It’s been a MONTH today. Talk about procrastination. You think with an event that was life-changing, I’d find a way to share my experience.

– This past Saturday night some friends & I had a complete fake bachelorette party. Pretty much the greatest night ever. Do this, trust me, it’s awesome. Gregg made us all dinner & then we hit up pretty much every local bar/club. Scavenger hunt,  bar games, free drinks, suck for a buck… It was amazing.

–  I got a new job, I start on the 14th. Kinda excited, kinda nervous. I’ve been having daily headaches, I wonder if the quiet atmosphere of my new place will help that? I am excited to dress up everyday, I’m over jeans/tees/flip flops. (I bet I’ll regret saying that!)

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